Action Packed Life Online Leadership Course for High School Students

The Action Packed Life online course is designed to help high school students take ACTION on foundational leadership lessons. 

Most high school students deal with stress, social pressures, and anxiety about the future, and it is difficult for them to learn critical leadership skills in the classroom as it is typically not a part of the core curriculum. 

This is where the Action Packed Life online course comes in. 

Through 16 short video lessons (3-5 minutes each), participants in the Action Packed Life online course learn foundational leadership lessons to help them be more successful in school, in their communities, and in their personal lives. 

And the feedback has been RESOUNDINGLY positive! 

The Action Packed Life isn't simply about learning leadership lessons, it is about taking action on each of the lessons. 


What are students saying about the course? Below are real testimonials from students who have taken the course. 

"I can honestly say that I have started to notice things in my daily life that I don't like and I am beginning to make changes! These past few weeks I have started to focus on the positives in my life and it really is affecting me and others around me as well!"

-Student from Menomonie High School

"Action Packed Life is going great for me and I am really noticing an improvement in my aptitude for leadership and my overall character."

-Student from Appleton East High School

"I am very impressed with this course. I am very grateful you made it cheap and easy to access because I am enjoying the course a lot and will definitely be recommending it to friends and other students that would appreciate the course."

-Student from Glenwood City High School


What topics are covered in the course? Below is the list of leadership topics taught during the Action Packed Life online course. All topics are presented in a way that is memorable, actionable, and lasting. 

  • Thinking Differently (how to think like a student leader)
  • Personal Branding
  • Gratitude
  • Setting and Achieving SMART Goals
  • Confidence
  • Creativity (how to overcome boredom) 
  • Working Smarter
  • Time and Stress Management 
  • Getting and Staying Motivated 
  • Effective Communication
  • Networking (how to set yourself up for success)
  • Positive and Intentional Action
  • Reflection and Analysis 


What makes this course different? This is an easy one. 

First - all the videos are engaging and memorable. They aren't long - they get to the point quickly and push students to learn one important takeaway. 

Second - every lesson comes with one specific action students can do to make a small change in their lives based on the lesson. This is the most actionable online leadership course for high school students out there. 

Third - the course focuses on the whole individual. While some courses push students to work, work, work - the Action Packed Life online course helps students manage stress, practice gratitude, and take smarter action toward their goals. 

Not convinced yet? 

Your students will both enjoy the course and get a great deal out of it - but we know there may be details you need before getting started. Feel free to e-mail [email protected] with any questions about the course - we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 



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