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Action Packed Life Online Course

Help your high school students take ACTION on foundational leadership lessons.

A 5-week program for high school students covering 16 comprehensive lessons in leadership.

Topics include mindfulness, motivation, personal branding, goal-setting, creativity, stress management and more!

Students are encouraged to use the workbook alongside the course to get the best results.

What's So Great About This Course?

A LOT!!!


Memorable Video Lessons

The Action Packed Life online course has 16 video lessons from author, entrepreneur, and leadership expert, Kyle Willkom. These videos are short (3-5 minutes) and keep content simple and memorable.

Transformative Content

The content of the Action Packed Life is meant to help high school students change their lives!

The course gives participants tangible ways to become stronger leaders and contribute to their schools and communities. 

Actionable Takeaways

Every lesson comes with 1 specific action students can take to bring the lesson to life!

We call it Life Work.

Little actions over time can make a huge difference! 

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Only $50 - Teacher's Only Version

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Here's an example of one of our lessons...


What others say

"I can honestly say that I have started to notice things in my daily life that I don't like and I am beginning to make changes! These past few weeks I have started to focus on the positives in my life and it really is affecting me and others around me as well!"

Student from Menomonie High School

"Action Packed Life is going great for me and I am really noticing an improvement in my aptitude for leadership and my overall character."

Student from Appleton East High School

"I am very impressed with this course. I am very grateful you made it cheap and easy to access because I am enjoying the course a lot and will definitely be recommending it to friends and other students that would appreciate the course." 

Student from Glenwood City High School



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